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Welcome to MANTECH&ARC! Our website would briefly tell you about our competencies and the consequent expertise that we have been offering during our organization’s successful journey this far so that you could benefit from them.

We have evolved and grown into a multi-sector services firm over a period of time. In the process we have developed international partnerships and linkages with credible international institutions and associations such as Geneva based International Trade Centre – a joint organization of United Nations and World Trade Organization and APCEO based in China, which represents the top 500 fortune companies of the world. Resultantly, we think global and act local, which allows us in facilitating our partners and the communities we serve to have access to the latest information and best practices in the business.

Our success has been primarily due to our determination to enable organizations and individuals to keep abreast of the challenges that the global economies and the exponential rate of change present today. In the due process we desire to become one of the top 10 firms regionally by continually doing what we do best—helping enterprises of different sizes through researched and credible interventions on improving their bottom line through focusing on business processes, change management, organizational development, KPIs and performance management systems and enhancing the capacities of their human resources.

Within the social sector, we serve the marginalized communities through creating awareness and developing their skills set – educating them on starting off self-sustaining micro enterprises. Our strength has been the expertise of our team in developing entrepreneurship, which has helped these communities in developing sustainable living for themselves.

Our range of market based research studies and strategies are interlinked with our capacity development services covering both soft skills and technical skills. Our Trade Support initiatives are built around the different facets of Supply Chain Management. We support trade related companies to become part of the higher loop of the international supply chains by enhancing their capacities. This particular aspect alone has seen significant growth in the Halal Trade as manifest in the activities of our subsidiary, Halal International Assurance and Research Centre (HIARC).

I invite you to become a part of this wonderful journey so that we can go places together!

Our Services

HR & Institutional/Organizational Development

MANTECH&ARC is one of the few pioneering firms and organizations with specialized expertise in developing International Standards HR systems and has successfully...

Supply/Value Chain Management

As network partner of the International Trade Centre (special joint agency of United Nations and World Trade Organization), MANTECH&ARC is the part of 100 institutional members network operating in more than 80 countries...

Education Development & Research

MANTECH&ARC in association with various institutions/organizations has been offering a complete capacity building and development programm in education sector where focus is to diagnose core issues and work on effective...

Halal International Assurance & Research Centre

HIRAC (Halal International Assurance and Research Centre) is the Halal technical wing of MANTECH&ARC, an exclusive partner organization of International Trade Centre, Geneva, Switzerland...

Enterprise Development and Competitiveness

Our initiation into making enterprises competitive started back in 2001 when we started off under the name of ARC. Alternatic Resource Centre owed its name to our realization back in 2000...

Who We Are ?

MANTECH&ARC represents the modern concept of a learning organization where the body of knowledge forms the basis of work. It is a networked group of professionals who realize that change is an all encompassing and all permeating constant phenomena. The challenges to the private and public enterprises, companies and organizations both in the development sector, industrial and the corporate world have necessitated harnessing change for sustainable growth through systemic and human resource interventions. We have been able to create awareness for the need to handle change effectively through using human ingenuity and systemic sustainability. We help organizations realize their ultimate potentials by discovering barriers to growth and suggesting realistic workable solutions applicable to their situation.
MANTECH&ARC was conceived in 1998 as Management Consulting, Research and development centre. our inception was the result of the realization that the Human side of the change management is the most challenging and yet the most rewarding one. Systemic and process based solutions are meaningless without HR and OD interventions.

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Our Clients

Official Partners - International Trade Centre- joint agency of United Nations and World Trade Organization

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